Tap Into The Magic of Your Life Through The Elements of Nature In VR

Go on a journey of personal transformation with the Headmistress of the Witch School Mia Magik, in her Virtual Reality Course: Your Magikal Life.

DEC 13, 2022

How do you go about living your best life? In our modern world, it’s an external journey of more books, more courses, and more information. Mia discovered, however, that it was inner work that caused the true transformation. As she worked through her shadows and wounds, she was able to build the life of her dreams. Since then, she’s been pioneering her own school, led hundreds of women on wisdom retreats, built a six-figure business, and manifested her ideal relationships. Now, Mia is your virtual guide to the ancient art of magical living.

The Elements of Nature In VR

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  1. Earth: Relationships, Health & Wellness, and Self-Love
  2. Fire: Action and Passion
  3. Air: Self-Expression and Communication
  4. Water: Emotions, Money & Abundance, Sexuality, Sensuality & pleasure
  5. Spirit: Spiritual Practice, Creativity, Intuwitchin, Transformation

Modern wisdom asks the question, “What’s missing from my life?” But ancient wisdom asks, “What’s preventing me from experiencing my life?” It’s not about adding what’s missing but taking away what’s holding you back. Dive deep into the unconscious patterns and internal blocks that keep putting the breaks on your success. Explore and heal the areas you wish to change and experience true transformation. Learn to tap into your own innate wisdom and intuition. Go on a journey in the virtual world of self-discovery to manifest the life of your dreams.

Discover how to manifest better relationships.

Most people try to fix their relationships. They’ll go to conferences, read the latest book, or try exercises to get their partners to change. Sometimes this works, but for many people, it doesn’t. Ancient wisdom shows us that to transform our relationships, and we have first to transform ourselves.

How do you react to conflict? Are you triggered by certain behaviours from your partner or your parents? Do you feel hopeless? These unconscious relationship patterns drive much of the success or failure that we experience with friends, family, and in romance.

In this course, learn how to shift your unconscious patterns in your VR experience. Notice your patterns of connection, your patterns of communication, and the stories that you tell yourself about relationships. As within, so without — as you transform your patterns, you’ll transform your relationships.

Learn how to transform poverty into prosperity.

When you think of money, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most people picture the colour green. Other people think about cold, hard cash. Generally, money is associated with the element of earth. But is that how money actually works?

All the ways successful people describe money are related to water! Money is currency, cash flow, streams of income, liquidity of assets, or sometimes even frozen assets. The wrong association with money leads us to a wrong relationship with money.

Does money flow in your life? Or is your cash stuck in the mud? In this virtual environment, learn how to shift your thinking of money to be like water and watch as the money flows into your life.

Collect and apply the natural wisdom of the earth, air, fire, water, and spirit in your life in this VR application

The biggest problem with personal transformation is that in real life, it’s invisible. If we get a new job in New York or a promotion at Sony, or a new relationship, something changes, a new job title or an updated Facebook status. External, real-time changes are easy to recognize, and we’re wired to respond to them. But when we have inner changes, it’s hard to keep track.

This virtual reality experience takes the inner journey and makes it a visual, full-bodied immersive experience. Use a virtual amulet to collect gems of knowledge and wisdom, representing how you’ve learned and grown. Interact in immersive VR with elemental dragons representing each element. Choose your path to your inner adventure in a virtual space. Use the elements of the world as a metaphor and a guide for the often unseen changes that you experience in your personal growth.

Unlock your self-expression and creativity in immersive virtual reality

When people think of self-expression, they naturally think of the tools of self-expression. We speak with our voices, act and dance with our bodies, or paint with a paintbrush. And in the modern world, with first-person and multiplayer video games, Metaverse avatars, and high-resolution multimedia — either computer-generated or using formats like Youtube or TikTok — creativity is “plugging in” to technology as a tool.

But self-expression itself doesn’t start with tools. It starts with self-belief. When we tell ourselves, “I can’t do it,” “I’m not good enough,” or “Who would want to listen to me, anyway?” We sabotage our self-expression. Freedom in self-expression starts with knowing that we deserve to be heard.

Put on your VR headset you’ll learn how to de-program the patterns that hold back your self-expression. Learn what beliefs you have that hold you back from expressing your true self. Discover ways you’ve overcompensated or held back your voice in response to life experiences. Engage in exercises that will remind you that you’re worthy of being heard.

Use the ancient secrets of magic in VR technology to transform your life and manifest your dreams.

Sometimes people think of magic like sci-fi/science fiction or exploring new worlds in fantasy. Other people think like gamers and imagine a meta experience of augmented reality or mixed reality, being able to manipulate the real world as simply as the gameplay of a VR game. But the true magic we experience in life is a result of our spiritual practices. Yet how many people have regular practice? Whether it’s yoga, meditation, or a religious path, these experiences can transform your daily life and serve as rocket fuel for the life you want to live.

The best path for you is the path that is a combination of what you need and what you enjoy. Use virtual reality technology to learn to tap into your intuition to discover what your body and soul crave the most. For the first time, unblock the resistance you’ve had to add a powerful practice to your life. Discover how to “make time” for practices you already know and love but haven’t engaged with. Learn how to craft your personal practice to experience a day and night difference in your day-to-day life.

Since the pandemic, many VR headsets have appeared on the market, such as PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Microsoft lenses, and other head-mounted display VR systems. Currently, Retreat is only available in the Meta Quest Store. Unlike other game engines, we strongly encourage you to take a break every 15 minutes to avoid motion sickness.





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