Experience Health and Well-Being in Virtual Reality

Tap Into Your Energy with Holistic Health and Fitness Master Nicholas Pratley’s Virtual Reality Course: True WellBeing.

Do you live a life full of well-being, or has your wellness gotten stuck and reached a plateau? It’s easy to find ourselves without the foundational wellness we need to live the life of our dreams. So how do you go about reconnecting with your personal power?

DEC 11, 2022

Nicholas Pratley has spent the last 20 years helping people live more energetic and fulfilling lives. In this course, you’ll use VR technology to learn how to tap into your own personal energy:

The 5 Levels of Listening

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  1. Energetic Awareness – New Perspectives & Wholeness
  2. Programs of Energy
  3. Power of Breath – The Energy of Breath
  4. Nature of Energy – Pillars of Energy & Humanity
  5. Energetic Layers – The Human Biofield & Luminous Energetics
  6. Space, Heart, Wonder – Igniting your Energetic Superpower
  7. Neuro-Linguistics – From Stagnation to Flow & Creating a New Reality
  8. The Wonder of You – Re-member-ing self back together

Is this course for you? If you are unaware of how your personal energy flows through you, you want to work with yourself rather than against yourself, and you’re ready to dive deeper into self-understanding, then join Nicholas on a journey of attention and awareness of the energy that is within you, using new technology, mixed reality, augmented reality and VR experience to bring it to life.

Learn how to nurture the natural patterns of energy in your body in virtual reality

Do you pay attention to what your body is telling you? Most people ignore their bodies signals. But it’s not their fault. We’re taught from a young age to sit still and focus, even when our bodies are telling us to move, explore, and play. As adults, we carry this pattern of ignoring what our bodies are telling us, and as a result, our energy and vitality suffer.
The quickest way to feel energized is to work with your body, not against it. Your body is a powerhouse of natural energy. But do you know how to harness it?
Put on your VR headset and learn how to align with your body. Have a virtual experience of the human biofield. Use immersive technologies like VR to discover the luminous energy field that flows through you and get “unstuck” so that your energy can flow through you.

Discover how to tap into the energy of breathing.

Breath is the beginning of life. But have you ever learned how to breathe truly? We are born able to run, but we learn better ways to run. We are born able to speak, but we learn better ways to speak. And we’re born able to breathe, but then it stops there.
Breathing is the simple foundation of energizing the body. Breathwork can teach you how to use your breath to calm your nerves, oxygenate your body, prepare your mind, and access your spirit. These simple techniques will unlock a powerhouse of energy and well-being within you.
Thrown on your virtual reality headset and learn how to engage the energy of the breath. Discover breathing exercises to increase your wellness and decrease your stress. Learn the foundations of breathwork for more energy throughout your day.
## Experience transformative techniques in a virtual world and “see” your energy growing, changing, and building as you learn.
One of the hardest things about learning wellness, well-being, and tapping into your energy is that energy is invisible. We can’t see the energy around us. We can’t even always “feel” it. But just like air and breathing, energy is flowing all around, and learning how to work with it will transform your life.
In this virtual environment, you’ll have immersive experiences and “see” the energy as it flows around and through you. Choose your own adventure into wellness with what you need most at the moment. Experience techniques for accessing and directing your mental, physical, and emotional energy for true well-being.

Re-write mental blocks to unlock new levels of motivation and inspiration.

Most people spend years trying to get over mental blocks. In fact, it’s been proven that the belief that “It takes a long time to get over mental blocks” is itself a mental block! Our minds are one of the most powerful engines of energy, motivation, and inspiration. But if our mental powerhouse is not working for us, how do we make the change?
Professional Neuro-linguists know that mental blocks don’t take years to overcome. They can be changed in an instant. It’s all about engaging the mind in its natural language and using proven techniques that result in rapid change. These shortcuts help you re-wire your brain so that you can tap into its full potential.
In this virtual reality experience, learn how to use the techniques of NLP to rewrite your old stories — whether you’re a teenager with new stories or older adults that have been telling themselves old stories for decades. Practice new approaches while using your oculus or other head-mounted display. Experience new, empowering perspectives that activate your mind rather than shut it down. Learn how to work with your mind’s natural energy to access the full potential of your brain.

Integrate the energy of body, mind, and soul to supercharge your internal battery and experience new levels of power and wellness.

In the real world, we use a variety of interventions to solve our lack of physical energy and wellness. Many turn to healthcare providers for pain management, mental health care, psychiatry, and treating anxiety disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder.
Yet since the pandemic, even healthcare workers have recognized the power and feasibility of at-home therapies to help with positivity, and stress management, ease chronic pain and increase self-reported practices to benefit public health.
Other than video games, the use of VR can be even more beneficial when it comes to physical therapy, digital health and monitoring your heart rate. For many healthcare professionals and clinicians, the ability to leverage mixed reality and virtual reality technology is taking a huge step on the road to success.





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