When we realize that we are not limited to just our physical bodies, our perception of what’s possible starts to change. Because that’s where so much power waits for us. Our perception creates our beliefs, and our beliefs create our reality. What reality are you choosing to create? And could our perceptions, and therefore beliefs, and therefore reality optimize our health and generate a whole new wave of energy for ourselves, our loved ones and the planet? The answer, is YES.

Through this course I’ll help you understand energetic awareness, unlock energy technologies that live within you, and share practices that quite literally allow you to train muscles that help your energy grow stronger. The more you do it, the better you feel, the better you feel, the more you enjoy your life and feel your purpose. And that’s when you feel more energy, more joyful, less stressed and more creative & sexual energy and a sense of wonder.


  • Energetic Awareness – New Perspectives & Wholeness
  • Programs of Energy
  • Power of Breath – The Energy of Breath
  • Nature of Energy – Pillars of Energy & Humanity
  • Energetic Layers – The Human Biofield & Luminous Energetics
  • Space, Heart, Wonder – Igniting your Energetic Superpower
  • Neuro-Linguistics – From Stagnation to Flow & Creating a New Reality
  • The Wonder of You – Re-member-ing self back together

Time to Complete: 3.5 Hours



The founder and CEO of SP8CE, fuses nearly 20 years of expertise in health and fitness with his passion for wellness to inspire and transform clients and businesses around the world. Through his methods, people are empowered to live in truth – invested in their own journey, which uncovers greater authenticity and freedom that leads to increased purpose and flow. He is a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapist, Master Energy Practitioner and Breathwork Expert who draws upon the power of connection and intention to help others do the same. His Inspired Breathwork program has been taught to thousands of clients, reminding them of the importance and impact of daily mindfulness practices and rituals.

His unique brand strategy, training, infrastructure development expertise, and executive leadership abilities positioned him to serve as the founding Chief Cultural Officer at KINRGY by Julianne Hough. Under his guidance, KINRGY participated in the national tour of “Oprah 2020: Your Life in Focus” which provided an interactive experience of connection and healing to audiences across the US. Additionally, Nicholas has traveled the world opening wellness centers, launching spa products, mentoring corporate leaders, and serving on advisory boards for wellness, fitness, spa, and hotel establishments. Brand ambassadorships include Lululemon, Alchemy Superfood, Verte Essentials, and Rising Springs; and partnerships with Poplar and Seed Probiotics.

Celebrated for his contributions to the highly competitive fitness landscape in Los Angeles and New York, his sold-out classes exhibit masterful motivation, stellar inspiration, and provide an exceptional platform for physical, mental, and emotional transformation. Nicholas continues to offer award-winning mindfulness classes, specialized workshops, and retreats that attract people from all walks of life looking for personal fulfillment. Originally from Australia, he was raised in a multicultural home to honor and respect diversity which continues to guide his approach to life and work