What is a retreat VR app and
how does it work?

Retreat VR is a virtual reality learning app that can quickly transform you from where you are to a whole new level! Take courses from yoga to public speaking. For as low as $8.33/month, get access to the world’s greatest experts and embark on an astounding personal journey of growth today!

Advantages of the retreat
learning VR app ?

Retreat is a revolutionary virtual reality learning app that allows users to train faster, improve their confidence in applying skills and become more emotionally
connected with the content than ever before. Paired with an increased ability to remain focused during training, Retreat gives its learners a distinct advantage over traditional e-learning methods.

How to use the retreat
learning VR app ?

Download the Retreat Learning VR App and learn whatever strikes your fancy. Choose from courses ranging from Art , Creativity, Career, Entrepreneurship Financial, Well-Being, Holistic Wellness, Mindset ,Relationships and many more

How do I download
the app?

Download the app directly on the meta quest store on Oculus by clicking this link. Search retreat in your app store.
Head over to meta quest website and download directly from the oculus store

Who can use the app?

This is the perfect app for curious minds who are ready to explore and expand their knowledge!

Cost and subscription?

Only $9.99 Per Month or $8.33 annualized





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