Land Your Right Fit Job

Get the job of your dreams with Serial Entrepreneur Chad Silverstein’s Virtual Reality Course: Land Your Right Fit Job.

MAY 2, 2023

When you thinking of finding a job, are you filled with stress? You’re not alone. Every year, millions of job seekers are tired, stressed, and confused by the modern way in which companies select candidates. Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way?

Mindfulness Practice in Virtual Reality

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Chad Silverstein has worked with thousands of interviewees to help them master the job search process. Over 20 years of working with job seekers, he’s discovered the secrets of finding meaningful, well-paying work — and fast. In this course, learn:

1. The right mindset for job-finding
2. The type of company you should be looking for
3. The right skill set you need
4. How to find “the job”
5. How to interview and land the job
6. Personal non-negotiables for joyful employment

Most job-seekers start off in a place of panic. In the best case, they’ve put in their two weeks’ notice. In the worst case, their boss surprises them with unemployment. It’s a mad rush of resume, job search, and interviewing. This course will take you from feeling overwhelmed and worried to feeling confident that you can get the position you want — even in a down market!

## Learn how to get crystal clarity on what you want out of work.

50% of people hate their jobs. Are you one of them? People that love their jobs have figured out exactly what they want out of their work. It’s not about the job — it’s about knowing yourself and how to approach the job search. Learn the right mindset for finding fulfilling employment.

When most people think of “getting a job”, they picture writing up a resume and posting on job boards, just hoping to get an interview. But the advancements of the modern world, like Automated Screening (ATS) software throws out most resumes before they even reach a person! Job-search pros know that the only way to win is not to play the game. Learn how to find secret jobs — and even “test” if the job will be good before interviewing!

One of the biggest reasons people hate their jobs is company culture. But what if you could ensure a great job experience — without an internship and before you even show up for the interview? Using VR technology, Learn how to search for the best companies to work for — whether you’re in New York or Seattle — and ensure that you never work at a company with poor company culture again.

## Learn how to think like a CEO to manage your career and to know what businesses are looking for with virtual reality training

Do you feel desperate to find a job? It’s an incredibly common feeling. The only people that don’t feel this way are those that have a job offer before leaving their current place of employment. But did you know that employers often feel more desperate than you?

Successful job seekers know that companies are desperate to find good people. Especially people that do their jobs well, and want to make the company successful. Do you know how to clearly communicate your value to a company? Or to show how you can make them successful? All it requires is a simple mindset switch to thinking like a business — both the business of yourself, and the business you’re working for.

In this VR experience, learn how to turn the tables and interview companies even as they interview you. Using virtual reality technology, Learn how to find the best places to work in your industry. Master the skill of managing your career like a business for better job success.

## Practice your soft skills in a VR simulation of a real life interview.

One of the biggest problems people face is nervousness in putting their best foot forward during interviews. We spend a lot more time on putting together a resume than practicing our resume. And even if we know our bullet points in and out, it’s hard to feel comfortable and confident when talking to a real person about ourselves and our accomplishments.

Imagine if you could get rid of your nervousness and replace it with confidence and the ability to communicate your value. Picture being ready for the questions that interviewers throw at you, and not being shaken by having to give off-the-cuff answers. Visualize yourself being able to walk away from an interview — either in-person or on Zoom — confident that you aced your self-presentation.
Throw on your VR headset for an immersive experience that contains a live interview simulation so that you can feel fully prepared for interview success. Practice talking through your resume in front of a virtual interviewer. Experience a realistic interview situation that’s like a VR game. This VR content allows you to be able to repeat your practice and talking through your resume until you feel completely comfortable. And then, take your newfound confidence with you into real world interviews!

## Learn how to develop and communicate your one unique skill that sets you apart from everyone else in a virtual environment

The old way of getting a job was to get a degree. If you showed up every day to class, and graduated with a good GPA, you were virtually ensured of having a job for the next 40 years. Even today, most people think that a piece of paper will get them a job.
But in the modern marketplace, it’s your skills that set you apart. In fact, the most in-demand STEM career paths — cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, user experience/UI, jobs in software development, game development, and computer science — are all skill-based. But it’s not just in technical fields where skills are valued. And you don’t need a certification to prove it.

Successful job seekers know that employers aren’t looking for a piece of paper; they’re looking for results. And they know how to communicate the results they can bring to a business with their proven skills.

In the virtual world, learn to identify what makes you unique. Master communicating the impact you’ve had in past positions. Using VR, Learn how to sell not just yourself, but the skills that you have cultivated over your career.

## Find passion, joy, and fulfillment in your work!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a software engineer, in healthcare, UX design, don’t have a bachelor’s degree or have limited work experience, potential candidates can get great jobs. There are tons of job opportunities and job openings, if you only know where to look. Finding your next job and advancing your career path towards what fits you helps your work life to flourish. And when your work life is flourishing, you flourish.

The most in demand jobs on the job market aren’t always going to be found on linkedin or with recruiters. And you don’t have to join a startup, work at microsoft, or hop into the newest Crypto, Defi, or VR Industry in order to find exciting work and a meaningful career path.

While STEM is considered the gold standard of work success, if we’re honest, most people won’t flourish by learning python, java, or by becoming a virtual reality developer. The best job is the job that fits you, with a great company, and on a career path that utilizes your skills to the best of their ability.





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