This course will help identify your pain points and remove them from your body.  We will then neutralize you of your pain and we will beautify you, so that you can have a fresh start.  This course will help you when you are at a low place to not only bring you back, but to bring you back better.


  •  Empty Yourself
  •  Neutralize
  •  Beautify

Time to Complete: 20 Minutes



LEILA PARNIAN believes the most powerful thing she can do is to make people feel things without ever saying a word. That is her art. She creates to bring light into spaces of darkness. With no formal training, Leila pushed herself to learn different styles of art from oil painting on canvas to spray painting large scale murals. “I want to inspire aspiring artists to create a full-time position for themselves in this field. I also want to inspire those who do not believe they are creative, to create!” With immigrant parents who encouraged her to study in the medical field, she pushed boundaries and followed her passion, even when she was told she would never make it. Fast forward to today and she is living her dream. Her biggest advice is to take someone saying no as a speedbump and not a stop sign. She embraces rejection.

Leila was born in Scottsdale, Arizona to architects Abdolhay and Parvaneh Parnian, received her undergraduate degree in Economics from Arizona State University in 2006 and continued with a Masters in Urban Planning from Arizona State University graduating in 2009. At the time of her graduation, due to the failed economic market, nobody was hiring in development so she went to help her family business, Parnian Furniture. She worked her way up the company ladder and now is the Vice President of Parnian. Leila moved her art studio into the old spray paint booth inside Parnian, where the public can view her painting live while she is there. When she is not in the store, she is painting murals off site. The showroom and her studio is open to the public Monday – Saturday from 10am – 6pm and Sundays from 12m – 5pm. Leila hosts TheraPour ® & PartyPour ® classes in her studio a couple times a month. TheraPour ® & PartyPour ® kits are also available for purchase. Information for classes can be found on the website and on her Instagram @leilaparnian

When Leila is not working on art, she is active at Parnian helping clients with Interior Design. She enjoys playing the piano, working out and making comedic skits for social media. Fun fact about Leila – she is a 3 time All American Racquetball Player and won collegiate nationals in 2007.