Your Daily Reset: Learn Yoga and Mindfulness Practice in Virtual Reality

As we go about our busy days, we tend to allow the vocational pressures and societal stresses that life demands to consume us.

SEP 5, 2022

We lack the mental clarity and a sense of presence needed to restore our minds and heal our bodies. This is why so many people today embraced the ancient practice of Yoga. Yoga can be traced back to Northern India 5000 years ago, which was used to bring harmony between mind and body.

Since it was initially developed as a way to physically and spiritually prepare for guided meditation, it has evolved into a physical and mental exercise system designed to promote health and well-being.


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So, what is Yoga?

Yoga is a form of exercise that involves physical postures, self-regulation, breathing techniques, and meditation practice. Today, Yoga is practiced by millions worldwide and is widely recognized as an effective form of daily life exercise.

Meditation experts leverage Yoga to help with anxiety disorders and stress reduction. Moreover, Yoga can help boost your immunity, improve cardiovascular functions, and support bone health.

According to Heathline, it is also proven to:

  • Improve strength, balance and flexibility
  • Relieve back pain
  • Ease arthritis symptoms
  • Biofeedback controls your body’s functions and heart rate.

The regular practice of Yoga can benefit the mind as well as the body.
Yoga restores the mind by:

  • Relax your active mind before bedtime
  • Provide more energy in the real world
  • Manage and reduce stress
  • Promotes mindfulness meditation and quality sleep
  • Connect you with a supportive mental health community
  • Calm the system from excess stimuli

The above list only describes a small portion of Yoga’s many benefits. Yoga has become wildly popular, with 36 million people practicing in the US alone. With this number increasing quickly, yoga classes have expanded beyond individual studios and gyms to online and virtual courses.

With technology moving over to virtual and augmented reality platforms, Yoga is now becoming accessible to all people… This means no more crowded classes, humid rooms and impersonal coaching. Instead, virtual reality has specifically made Yoga available to do at home while being trained by industry experts.

Let’s meet one!
Movement and mindfulness teacher Gisele Wyne, who has been teaching for over a decade, decided to create a course in VR to provide her students with the same yoga benefits but from a more unique and accessible place. Gisele wants to bring the best user experience to her audience as the use of virtual reality, immersive technology and meditation apps has enormously increased over the pandemic.

What could Yoga in a VR application be like?

VR yoga combines technology and entertainment to make fitness fun from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Your Virtual Yoga Experience…
“This course is for anyone who wants to be able to feel better quickly. It’s called the Daily Reset because it’s a short-term routine to get you moving and feeling better.” – Gisele Wyne.

Wyne created this course because she believed in the power of simplicity.
“We often don’t realize how tense we can become physically and mentally. This is an easy practice to quickly unravel key areas of tension so that you essentially “hit the reset button” with whatever is going on mentally and physically, so move back into your day with feasibility and focus.”

New to Yoga? No need to worry
Wyne designed this course to teach newcomers like you the power of basic yoga movements while allowing more experienced students to challenge themselves through the flow. Her goal is for her students to feel knowledgeable and empowered to do these simple sequences independently. Yoga doesn’t have to be a 60-90 minute experience.

“Instead, it can be like drinking water; when you are thirsty, you have a glass,” Wyne explains, “when you feel tense or overwhelmed, you hop in and do a quick module, then move back on with your day feeling refreshed.”

As you enjoy the virtual reality meditation sessions in everyday life, here are 7 things to keep in mind if you are new to the virtual world:

  1. Choose a VR headset that fits appropriately with your body and the app’s user interfaces.
  2. Stay hydrated during your yoga practice, even in the virtual environment.
  3. Find a place with ample space to move, such as your yard or a quiet room.
  4. Take your practice seriously: VR yoga is not a game and should be arrived at with the same mindset as a traditional yoga practice.
  5. Warm up to prepare for the yoga poses during your meditation experience
  6. Consider purchasing a yoga mat to improve your comfort and healthcare.
  7. Stay positive during guided meditation VR yoga: take this time to relax mentally and physically.

Ready to check it out?
Grab your VR headset and download the new app, Retreat, the ultimate learning experience in VR technology. Her 30-minute course features modules of personalized yoga coaching, meditation techniques and mindfulness training. So breathe easy with these simple Yoga poses as she takes you through a quick daily reset.”





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