Daily Rituals to Wellness

Create new rhythms of wellness with Celebrity Nutritionist and Wellness Educator Mona Sharma’s Course: Daily Rituals to Wellness

April 4, 2023
Are you overwhelmed by hundreds of fad diets? Thousands of exercise routines? Conflicting advice on health and wellness? Mona lived in an ashram studying ancient practices to transform her health, and combined what she learned with modern science to revolutionize the approach to wellness. She has worked with hundreds of celebrities to optimize their rhythms of life, including Will Smith, Juliane Hough, and Jay Shetty. And now, she’s bringing the systems the stars use to you in virtual reality.

Rhythms of Wellness

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In this course, you’ll learn:
1. Self-Assessment
2. Set the Space/Foundation
3. Pillar 1 Food
4. Pillar 2: Movement
5. Pillar 3: Mindfulness, Optimize Health
6. Integration

In the modern world, we’re long on information about health, but short on practice. Despite tons of real world “healthy eating” and physical activity resources, obesity rates are on the rise. If you feel like you’ve read tons of books on diet and exercise but nothing has changed, join Mona on a practical pathway to wellness, to combining the best of ancient wisdom and modern science for whole person flourishing.

## Develop a new relationship with food to support your wellness.

Diet culture teaches us that food is calories. Whether you’re practicing paleo, keto, Atkins nutritionals or Weight Watchers, the common thread is that as long as you eat less than you burn, then your body will be healthy. But modern science teaches us shows us that a pound of meat and a pound of sugar affect your health and metabolism in profound ways.
Ancient wisdom blends with modern science with the idea that food is medicine. Certain foods will heal your body. Other foods can harm your body. What you eat isn’t fuel — it has the power to nourish you or drain you. Yet so many of us are used to seeing diet as a difficult challenge, rather than a life-giving practice.
In this virtual environment, discover how to make food your friend, not your foe. Learn how to shift your mindset around food from fuel to nourishment. Break away from the modern mold that keeps you fat and sick, and into new levels of health and wellness through better food rituals.

## Learn how to incorporate rhythms of daily movement for more energy.
Fitness culture teaches us that exercise is a chore. We have to drag ourselves out of bed, make a routine of heading to the gym, and then slog through a workout to get the body we want. And then, because we did something so hard, we can reward ourselves with a treat afterwards. Yet somehow, we still don’t feel energetic and alive.
But ancient wisdom and modern science agree that movement is therapy. On a hormonal level, exercise releases endorphins — which make you happier. At a cellular level, exercise repairs your DNA, making you younger and helping you to live longer.
Throw on your VR headset learn how to make movement your therapy. Shift your mindset from exercise as an event to movement as a lifestyle. Learn ways to incorporate movement into your eery day routine. Experience a new way to live in and love your body with healthy habits.

## Create your “Personal Blueprint” for health and power in Virtual Reality.

Most people have trouble forming new patterns. It’s easy to learn information, but hard to form new habits, routines, and rituals. And sometimes the information is so overwhelming, you don’t know where to start.
In this virtual reality experience, Mona breaks through the information overwhelm and gives you the experience of building new habits. Experience your food triggers through an interactive word board. Practice self-visualization exercises to manifest your best self. Create your daily ritual blueprint.

## Maximize your mindfulness practices to support well-being.

A common perception is that mindfulness is just another word for meditation. To be mindful while you eat is to focus on the taste. To be mindful on the yoga mat is to pay attention to your body. To be mindful in your relationships is to notice your emotions. But is there more to mindfulness than just paying attention?
In ancient practice, mindfulness isn’t simply attention. It’s integration. How do you ring together what you know you should do, but find hard to put into practice? How do you combine what you knew before with what you’re learning now? How do bring together all of the elements of your life into a harmonious whole? Through a true practice of mindfulness.
In the virtual world, learn how to use mindfulness and presence to better manifest your rituals. Try a different approach to mindfulness that goes beyond attention to stimuli to full well-being. Use mindfulness not simply to engage when in meditation, but to expand to all aspects of your life.

## Transform your day with patterns of peace and health for whole-person wellness.

Maybe you’ve tried the normal interventions to change your eating habits, make better food choices, and experience weight loss. But the health information and behaviours that we learn are often not based on true healthcare, but sick care.
In social media, it seems like everyone eats the right healthy foods and lives a perfect life. But in real life, health and wellness is a personal journey. Your perfect healing program should be as unique as your thumbprint.





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