“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Stephen R. Covey The power of persuasive and influential speech is a skill many attempts to master to better present their ideas intellectually. Millions of people take public speaking, address, and even storytelling classes to improve their comfort and effectiveness when speaking. But there is one key element these classes lack demonstrate: the power of listening. How do you go about living your best life? In our modern world, it’s an external journey of more books, more courses, and more information. Mia discovered, however, that it was inner work that caused the true transformation. As she worked through her shadows and wounds, she was able to build the life of her dreams. Since then, she’s been pioneering her own school, led hundreds of women on wisdom retreats, built a six-figure business, and manifested her ideal relationships. Now, Mia is your virtual guide to the ancient art of magical living.

When finding a healthy outlet to express emotions and release past trauma, we all have a preferred method that initiates healing. Some choose physical outlets such as exercise, while others prefer various forms of traditional therapy such as behaviour, cognitive, or psychotherapy in clinical settings. But what if there was a method that meshed the artistic expression of the mind and body movements and applied psychological theory and cognitive functions?

"Be still for one song (5 minutes) per day, close your eyes and breathe with the bell. Your mind will clear, your body will relax, and your life will change." The power of 5 minutes can change your life. But, unfortunately, with the constant busyness that every day brings, it can be hard to get a few minutes to yourself. But what could setting aside 5 minutes a day do for you? Well, 5 minutes of hype music can excite you, 5 minutes of silence can distill peace, and even 5 minutes of talking can help express built-up emotions.

We lack the mental clarity and a sense of presence needed to restore our minds and heal our bodies. This is why so many people today embraced the ancient practice of Yoga. Yoga can be traced back to Northern India 5000 years ago, which was used to bring harmony between mind and body. Since it was initially developed as a way to physically and spiritually prepare for guided meditation, it has evolved into a physical and mental exercise system designed to promote health and well-being.

Seeing as how technology in general has taken over the world, it is safe to assume that VR is not far behind. In fact, most industries have integrated virtual reality technology into their fields for efficiency, cost and accessibility purposes. VR is being highly implemented into the business world, allowing companies to use this technology for a more efficient, quality work process. Marketers, realtors, and business administration are a few of the many type of business folk who benefit from VR technology.

VR technology is seen as the last medium of technology humanity will ever use. At one point in time, the written language was seen as the best way to communicate and share stories. Because virtual reality combines a real life experience with the freedom and flexibility technology provides, many claim that VR will be the final medium humans utilize to share stories and experiences. Due to the fact that VR is seen as the final medium, VR technology is in the making of becoming the most integrated and advanced form of experience, communication, training and entertainment.

It is no surprise to anyone how much our world has advanced. Thanks to digital technologies developing at exponential rates of change, the structure of 21st-century business has taken on a dramatically different look and feel. Technology is becoming digitized, meaning it is transitioning out of its tangible form and instead being represented by ones and zeros. Anything that is being digitized is bound by exponential growth.

We have all been the new employee at work; the struggle of remembering new policies, meeting new faces, and hours of training for unfamiliar tasks. Companies are so specific and how they want employees to execute a particular task, requiring quality trainers who are consistent across the board. Not only can teaching at a corporate approved level be difficult, but can also be costly.

Virtual reality has a big misconception of creating distance and attempting to replace human connectivity. In fact, VR can actually bring people closer together, the ultimate medium built around immersive interactivity. Keeping deep-rooted relationships in the physical world becomes more and more difficult due to uncontrollable factors, such as remote job opportunities or the COVID-19 pandemic. Creating a way for friends and family to stay connected is the primary goal of VR.

As the sophistication of the software becomes more advanced, universities, companies, and even individuals are utilizing the beneficial tools virtual reality plays into furthering the learning process. The future utilization of VR technology directs itself towards improving the quality of education available today.