9 out of 10 startups fail. FACT

So, even though it may sound really cool to own your own business – it’s probably worth exploring to see if you’ve got what it takes, because being an entrepreneur is hard and times the decisions and situations – can be brutal.

In this course, you’ll  learn which essential traits you must have if you want to be a successful  entrepreneur.

I’ll also give you some real life situations so you can see what it feels like to make some big time decisions and then learn what you can expect to see happen as a result.

Being an entrepreneur can be one of the most fulfilling roles in your life, but It’s not for everyone.


  • 6 Entrepreneurial Traits People are Born With
  • A Visionary vs. Integrator
  • Understand your Target Audience
  • Front Stage vs. Back Stage
  • Hire Slow, Fire Fast
  • Partnerships vs. Solopreneur

Time to Complete: 45 Minutes



A serial entrepreneur, Chad was recognized by his peers as one of the most admired Executives in Ohio with Business First’s C-Suite Award. He is a two-time EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and for over a decade, his company has been recognized as a “Top Workplace”, twice being ranked the #1 business to work for in Central Ohio. CEO Magazine recognized Chad with a special leadership award for scoring the highest response in providing purpose to his organization. His company also received the Better Business Bureau’s prestigious Torch Award for Ethics.

Chad started his first company out of his apartment during his senior year at Ohio State University. He developed and refined a personal and professional philosophy and integrated it into everything he pours himself into. Chad graduated and taught multiple Dale Carnegie Programs, became a certified Kolbe Corp Assessment Trainer, uses EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System), is a member of YPO, and is a sponsor of Conscious Capitalism.

Chad started his second company, [re]start, in 2013 with the sole purpose to help people find new jobs so they can get out of debt. Transforming his collection agency into an industry outlier, he built a multi-user app in 2019 that puts job-seekers and career advisors on one platform so they can work together to find meaningful employment opportunities. Business First recognized [re]start with an Outstanding Innovation Award.

His third company Platform Partners, LLC, collaborates with multiple businesses and provides marketing, website, and mobile app development services using “no code” technology. He also has a Learning Management Software called Playbook that provides training, development, and onboarding to employees.